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That's me

About me:
I am a researcher at the Technical University of Berlin. I am working mainly on topics related to wireless networks, IPv6 networks and autonomic networking/communication principles.

Working Areas

  • Monitoring in IPv6 Networks
  • Autonomic Networking
  • Model-driven Network Management
  • Communication Protocols and Stacks, Quality-of-Service, currently 802.11 and Bluetooth

Current Special Interests

  • 802.11 Technology
  • Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Virtualization of Networks and Network Interfaces
  • IPv6 related Topics
  • Control Loops


Quality of Service in Wireless Local Area Networks
Zitatschlüssel Simsek_Coskun-chapter
Autor Burak Simsek and Hakan Coskun
Buchtitel Advances in Wireless Networks: Performance Modelling Analysis and Enhancement (Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing)
Seiten 69–90
Jahr 2008
ISBN 9781600217135
Herausgeber Geyong Ming
Verlag Nova Publishers
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